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What Our Clients Say

Lourene is fantastic to work with! Her knowledge and drive to see a business succeed are unmatched. She is personable, has an expertise in many financial areas, and an amazing ability to strategically look at your numbers and see the path needed to take your business to the next level.

- Tiffany G.

I would absolutely 150% recommend Lourene to any business owner, small or large. She offers a wide continuum of services. Whether you need just an evaluation of your current process, or you want to let her manage your entire bookkeeping operations, she is competent and capable. Even better, Lourene is funny and personable. She makes math fun!

- Jenni S.

Lourene has been a great support to my business. She has moved me from receipts in a shoe box expense management system to QuickBooks. She has been a huge asset for the growth of my agency!

- Victor G.

Lourene is a person of character and dedication. I have known her for several years. She puts her heart and soul into the things she does.

- Steve N.

Lourene services saved me frustration and allowed me to put my time into the areas of my business that are my strengths. She is professional, efficient, caring, a true pleasure to work with. If you are looking for someone that you can rely on following through I would highly recommend Lourene!

- Vallis G.

Lourene is very knowledgeable and provides great customer service. She teaches clients along the way to make them more successful in their business and free up their time to concentrate more on their business.

- Kristen D.

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